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About The Oak Furniture Shop Inc

The Oak Furniture Shop, where every piece of Solid Oak Furniture is a Work of Art!

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The Oak Furniture Shop Inc
The Oak Furniture Shop Inc

The Oak Furniture Shop was founded in 1981 out of a love for building fine furniture. Over the years I have acquired a shop full of 'state of the art' equipment, yet have not lost the 'hands on' techniques of fine woodworking. Your purchase will not be mass produced, shipped out of a large warehouse. It will be hand made by me. Every piece is then stamped with the year of production and my signature. My goal is to produce heirlooms that you will be proud to pass down to future generations.

I have folks call me and ask, "Is this furniture really made in the USA?" The answer, "Yes, it is!" The Oak Furniture Shop overlooks the beautiful Chippewa Valley in West Central Wisconsin.
Others ask, "Are your designs really made out of REAL wood?" Again, the answer is Yes! This is the area where I produce solid oak panels. Notice just behind and to the left of my planer, that is a stack of lumber. I buy the highest grade, select and better Northern Wisconsin Red Oak. Every board is then inspected and metered for moisture content, the very best of the best goes into this pile to be made into solid oak panels. I believe, the key to making a quality solid oak product is to begin with the finest quality of lumber!
Once your panels are glued, planed and surfaced, many of them are machined on a CNC Router. Accuracy and consistency for quality edge work and a tight fit.
Then all the misc. parts and pieces go through production where they are chopped, drilled, pocket holed and routed.
Finally we make it into the finishing area. My secret for an outstanding finish? Very simple! I finish all my furniture before assembly. This enables me to have much more control and consistency with no overspray or runs. It is more time consuming, however I am sure you will agree that the results are worth it! In addition, I use a Kremlin air assisted spraying unit to apply my topcoat, I believe to be the premier state of the art system that is available.
So, do you think that after I go through all this I am just going to put your furniture in a box and hope that it is not damaged in shipping? I don't think so! I employ a very detailed procedure for packing and protecting your purchase to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. Corner protectors, Shock Block edge protectors, Poly foam and cardboard wrappings.
Then, before I enclose your shipment with heavy, double thick cardboard, I cover the front with 1" thick Styrofoam. Not only does this give you extra protection but it makes for a very tight fit to eliminate scuffing. Basically, over the years, every time I have experienced damage I have brought the package back into the shop and redesigned my packing to eliminate that damage. I have been called a 'packaging genius', I think that may be an exaggeration. However , shipping damage is very rare!