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The Oak Furniture Shop, where every piece of Solid Oak Furniture is a Work of Art!

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We spend a little more time on our finish system than most manufacturers.

First, we use an oil based wiping stain. We spray it on and then rub it down. This is a bit more 'messy' and time consuming than mass produced spray on stains. However, you will get a much richer color that enhances the wood grain.

Second, we seal all the pieces with a high quality vinyl sealer. We spray this (and the topcoat ) with a state of the art 'Kremlin' Air Mix spraying system. This is a far advanced system compared to conventional spraying systems.

Then every piece is top coated with DuraVar Catalyzed Varnish. This European finishing system features ultra high solids, outstanding looks and long term durability.

I assure you, you WILL be impressed with the quality of this finish!

Our 'Natural' Cherry finish (on our Cherry TV Stands) has a very unique quality. When you first receive your Cherry furniture, it will look very 'light'. As it ages (over a couple months) it will darken to a very rich color. The more direct sunlight that hits it, the darker and richer it will become.